How to Play

■ Instructions ■

  1. Gather as much Lime Syrup as you can!
  2. Put it in the Ice Cooler to make Juice♪
  3. Once the Juice is finished, give it to My Melody☆
  4. Enjoy the event by completing the quest♪
  5. Hint 1☆ Plan ahead to save time!
  6. Hint 2☆ Make Tropical Juice with Hibiscus!
  7. Hint 3☆ Use the Neon Charm!
  8. Hint 4☆ Get Hibiscus by using the Juice Help Pack!

★Gather as much Lime Syrup as you can!

When you water flowers in your neighborhood, you might randomly receive Lime Syrup!
Put the Lime Syrup in the Ice Cooler to make Juice♪

★The process for making Juice♪

Open the page to make Juice by tapping the Make More button♪
There is a waiting period before you can take the Juice out of the Ice Cooler.
At the end of the period, the Juice is ready♡
When you open the Ice Cooler, out will pop Mini Juice or Tropical Juice!

★When the Juice is complete,
give it to My Melody♡

My Melody will accept 5 Mini Juice or 3 Tropical Juice at a time!
Please deliver them to her ASAP☆

Give My Melody as much juice as you can to collect limited edition items♡

Juice will earn you limited edition items, and also stickers♪
You can see your stickers from the event by going to the Inventory>Collection>Event Icon on the Sticker page☆

[Inventory] → [Collection]

Go to[Sticker] at the top of the screen →[Event Icon]at the bottom
If you have all the Stickers, you earn a「SP Gacha Ticket」♪

★Enjoy the pool party and complete quests♪

Give My Melody Tropical Juice to get limited edition items!
Quest:Deliver the Tropical Juice (1x)☆
Reward:Beach Ball Barrette
Quest:Deliver the Tropical Juice (8x’s)☆
Reward:Opulent Citrus Earrings
Quest:Deliver the Tropical Juice (15x’s)☆
Reward:Night Glow Vinyl Bag

Quest:And if you deliver the Tropical Juice (40x’s)…?!☆
Reward:Neon Charm

23:59 (JST) 7/11/21

For details, check the event☆
[Quest] → [Event]

☆Hint 1☆
Plan ahead to save time!

If you’re impatient to finish your Juice, tap Finish All Now!
You can use coins to finish Juice immediately♪

Gather 40 Lime Syrup.
Tap on any Ice Cooler, and a secret ‘Finish it now’ button will appear☆
You can save time even if you don’t have coins!

☆Hint 2☆
Make Tropical Juice with Hibiscus!

When taking the Juice out of the Ice Cooler, select the Hibiscus, and Tropical Juice is guaranteed☆

When you water, you can receive Hibiscus and use them to make Tropical Juice♪
If you don’t have any Hibiscus, you can purchase Hibiscus with coins♡

☆Hint 3☆
Use the Neon Charm!

What is a Neon Charm?

You are guaranteed SR Items when you use a Neon Charm.
They’re extremely valuable♪
Use them when delivering Tropical Juice to My Melody.

How can I get the Neon Charm?

Clear the quest!
Get the Neon Charm after clearing the quest!
Make sure to check out the event page♪

Use the Neon Charm Pack!
It’s a set that includes a Party Set and Gacha Ticket, so it’s very convenient

I’m watering a lot, but I never seem to find any Neon Charms!
Neon Charms are a precious commodity- finding one is a huge stroke of luck☆

※You can purchase the Neon Charm Pack 2x’s during the event period♪
※The Gacha Ticket you get with the Neon Charm Pack expires
1 week after you get the pack, so keep that in mind☆
※The Neon Charm will expire when the event is over, so expect it to disappear!

● If you have a Neon Charm
Your # of possessions will be shown on the event screen!

● When using it, put a check mark on the button♪
You are guaranteed SR Items when using the Neon Charm☆

☆Hint 4☆
Get Hibiscus by using the Juice Help Pack

You can purchase the Juice Help Pack up to 7x’s per person.
It comes with 15 Hibiscus♪
Using the Hibiscus will guarantee lots of Tropical Juice!
Get all the limted edition items☆

☆Item Intro☆



★Plushies you can get from flowers★

※You can access the Event screen until 23:59 (JST) 7/11
※We will collect all leftover Lime Syrup, Hibiscus, Mini Juice, Tropical Juice and Neon Charms at the end of the event