☆Find food!☆

When you water or harvest your neighbor’s fruit, you can find food!

☆There are 6 kinds of food☆

Deliver food you found to WISH ME MELL for her to grow up strong!

※ You can have 4 different food items in your Inventory at a time.
※ Only 1 can be prepared at a time. The remaining 3 will remain in the Inventory.

☆Growth Potion speeds up time to completion☆

While out watering, you might find a Growth Potion♪
They really help WISH ME MELL!
Collect Growth Potion to speed up the wait time☆

☆Which food should I deliver?☆

There are 3 different final forms you can meet in the last growth stage!
The final growth outcome for WISH ME MELL is determined by the food with the highest growth points, even if it’s just one point more♡

※ If there is a tie for the highest growth points gained among the food items in the last stage, the final outcome will be randomly determined based on one of the tied food items.

Check the box on the right side of the event main screen to see which food has been delivered the most!
You can see the accumulated growth points for each food♡

※ The accumulated points will remain even if WISH ME MELL grows up to the next stage.
※ If you decide to raise WISH ME MELL again from the beginning after raising her to the final stage, the accumulated points will be reset.

☆Get special items for each growth stage!☆

You can get a reward item for each of WISH ME MELL’s growth stages♪

Let’s complete the WISH ME MELL outfit by delivering plenty of food items♪

☆Open a special Happy Bag☆

A special Happy Bag that matches with grown-up WISH ME MELL will open☆
If you have a Happy Bag you wish to open, deliver food related to it!

※ Limited Happy Bags that can be opened through this event are 3 types:
Sending Happiness♪ Post / Fancy Diary / Berry Berry Melty Town.

When WISH ME MELL grows to her final form, [Showroom] and [Replay] icons will appear on the event main screen!
The icons all differ depending on the Happy Bag opened! Keep an eye on it☆

Tap [Showroom] to go and buy a limited-time Happy Bag!
Tap [Replay] to raise WISH ME MELL again from the first stage!
You can raise her again and again☆
Note that all of the accumulated growth points will be reset!

※ If WISH ME MELL reaches the final stage of growth, you can no longer find or deliver food.
※ The [Showroom] and [Replay] icons will only appear on the event main screen when WISH ME MELL has reached the final stage.
※ If you decide to raise WISH ME MELL again from the first stage, the [Showroom] and [Replay] icons on the main screen will disappear, and you will not be able to use the Happy Bag that you previously opened.
※ If you raise WISH ME MELL into a different final form using [Replay], a different Happy Bag will open, and if you raise him into the same final form as before, you can use the same Happy Bag again.

※ The event screen can be accessed until 23:59 (JST) 9/20/23

※ We will take back all unused Letter Crepe, Fuit Crepe, Star Cake, Fancy Cake, Marshmallow Cookie House, Strawberry Cookie House, and Growth Potion when the event is over.