Notice For Smile Community Users

  1. For residents who are children (minors)
  2. For residents

※ If any of the words are hard to understand, please read with an adult!

~For residents who are children (minors)~

■ So that we can all enjoy Hello Sweet Days,

Make sure to read through to the end before starting!
Playing the game is an acknowledgement that you agree to the terms and conditions here (know as the ‘Notice’)
Do your best to make Hello Sweet Days a comfortable and safe atmosphere for everybody!
If you cause discomfort for other users, you may become unable to use the community or continue playing Hello Sweet Days.

■ How do I use the Smile Community?

Please read this completely and promise to follow it!

■ Committments you should absolutely keep

① Don’t be a nuisance or annoyance to others
Follow the rules to make sure you continue to enjoy the game without causing harm to other users.

How to keep it cute

  • Posting the spam content
  • Posting something that will be offensive to others
  • Posting nonsense in an attempt to provoke a response
    Ex.)sfjlnffbrkwe. fea erb3 ldsbf

② Do not post offensive content or bad language

  • Follow the golden rule-don’t post anything you wouldn’t like to hear directed at you
  • ※Caution※ No matter how much the other person offended you, answering in kind will result in a violation of the community rules and possible consequences!
  • Please be aware that words like ‘erotic manga’ and ‘erotic drama’ are also considered unacceptable. Remember, there are kids here too!

③ Never share personal information
Even if a trusted friend is asking you for personal or family information, steer clear of sharing it!

What is considered personal information?

Personal information includes: My name, my family name, my friend’s name, school name, where I live, where I am now, mobile phone number and home phone number, email address, Twitter, Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, and other account and password data that can identify you or someone else.
Ex.) so excited to start 8th grade! Add me on insta @XXXXXXXXX!

④ Use the reporting function sparingly!
If you find a post that violates the rules, you can report it to our management team.

If you report someone who is not in violation of any rules simply because you dislike them or want to troll them, you are at risk of receiving a Notice that may later result in your account being suspended.

■ What the Management Team Can Do

The management team can take on problems like users who post things to hurt others, posts that make others feel uncomfortable, bad language, and sharing personal information. Management will likely respond by erasing the post. Depending on the severity of the violation, the offending user may receive a notice, suspension from using Community, or suspension from “Hello Sweet Days”.

■What the Management Team Can’t Do

We can’t mediate disagreements between you and your friends.
We regret that we cannot help you resolve personal differences.


~To the Users~

Be sure to read through the Smile Community terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as “Notice”) before starting.

Playing the game is an acknowledgement that you agree to the terms and conditions here (know as the ‘Notice’)
The Notice is subject to change without warning. Thanks for your understanding!
All contents are based on the Hello Sweet Days Terms of Service, available here「Terms of Use」Please reference this also.

■Terms of Use

Please read this through carefully and agree to the content.

■When Using the Community

Please comply with the “Hello Sweet Days Terms of Service” and do not engage in any prohibited acts stipulated in the Terms of Use. In particular, please note that the acts described below are serious violations of the use of the community.

①Posting the personal information of yourself or others

  • Address, name, date of birth, phone number
  • School name, company name, organization name
  • Credit card number, financial institution information, etc.
  • Social media account ID (user ID), login information, email address, password, etc.

②Posting content that is offensive to others, including violent, obscene, or otherwise offensive material

  • Posts whose purpose are to meet or have a relationship with someone, etc.
  • Slander, discrimination

③Vandalizing the community

  • Continuous posting of words with no content or meaning, spam
  • Posting content unrelated to the theme

Posts that can create profit for unsavory actors

⑤Posts that appear to be advertisements (specific stores, products, etc.)

⑥Posts that appear to be connected with religious activity or soliciting for religious groups

⑦Posts soliciting Real Money Trade (RMT) or posts suggesting things like exchanging items for money

⑧Exploiting community features
We have provided a reporting function to prevent inappropriate postings that violate the precautions and terms of use.
If the reporting function is abused for the purpose of harassment or trolling, we will take strict measures against the relevant reporter in accordance with our rules.


  • Posts and comments that are deemed to violate the “Hello Sweet Days Terms of Service” can be deleted without the consent of the original creator.
    (Ex:Sharing personal information, slander, spam posts, commercial activity, etc.
  • In addition to the above, we reserve the right to take actions including issuing notices, suspension from the “Community” function and suspension from “Hello Sweet Days” for the safety of the other users.

■Management Disclaimer

The management team cannot provide support such as arbitrating any issues that arise between residents. In addition, we do not take any responsibility for damages caused by community violations.