Audience, take a seat and get ready for an encore presentation!
Here’s a rerun of an event from May 2019, back by popular demand♪

★★★ 1. Find 「musical scores」 ★★★

When you water or harvest your neighbor’s fruit, you can find 「musical scores」!

☆3 kinds of 「musical scores」☆

1) Simple Score

☞ Score every item being offered♪
☞ Time to Completion: 1hr 40mins

2) Fever Score

☞ You can score every item offered,
and the fever gauge goes up by a lot♪
☞ Time to Completion: 8hrs 20mins
※ When the gauge reaches MAX, fever Time starts.
It’ll be easier to find 「Master Scores」!

3) Master Score

☞ You will only receive rare and super rare items♪
☞ Time to Completion: 11hrs 40mins

★★★ 2. Deliver 「musical scores」 to Dear Daniel★★★

Deliver the 「musical score」 you found to Dear Daniel so he can learn the song!
Deliver to Dear Daniel by tapping [Deliver score].
Get ready for a dazzling performance♪

The time it takes Dear Daniel to learn 「scores」 depends on what kind you deliver!
※ You can have 5 scores in inventory at a time.
※ Only 1 can be prepared at a time. The remaining 4 will remain in inventory.

☆ TIP: How to deliver 「musical scores」 right away ☆

If you don’t want to wait 1hr to deliver the score to Dear Daniel,
tap [Finish Now] to deliver right away for 20 coins.
After delivering the score, you can wait several hours for Dear Daniel to learn it, or you can get Dear Daniel ready immediately by paying the price on the button.
(The price to complete Simple Scores, Fever Scores, and Master Scores all differ.)

★★★ 3. How to score items ★★★

After you deliver the musical score to Dear Daniel by tapping [Deliver score], wait for the clock to run down or tap [Finish now] to finish with coins and score limited edition 「Items」 and 「Stickers」 right away!

Make sure his performance gets a standing ovation
from Hello Kitty and receive limited edition items♪

You can check the stickers you get from the event by tapping[Inventory] → [Collection] → [Sticker]→ [Event star icon on the bottom★]

(If you collect all the stickers, you’ll score an 「SP Gacha Ticket」)

☆☆☆ Quests ☆☆☆

Help Dear Daniel prepare for the concert and get special items!
Quest:Help Dear Daniel learn new songs 5x’s♪
Reward:Star Power Note Hairpin
Quest:Help Dear Daniel learn new music 10x’s♪
Reward:Drumroll, Please!

【Quest Deadline】
23:59 (JST) 9/18

For details, check[Quest] → [Event]
Or check on the event quest screen!

☆☆☆ Analog Metronomes speed up time to completion ☆☆☆

While out watering, you might find 「Analog Metronomes」♪
They really help Dear Daniel master new music!
Collect them to help Dear Daniel speed up☆

☆☆☆ Item List ☆☆☆

★ Fashion Items ★

★ Interior Items ★

★ Plushies From Flower ★

※The event screen can be accessed until 23:59 (JST) 9/18

※We will take back all unused 「Simple Scores」, 「Fever Scores」, 「Master Scores」, and 「Analog Metronomes」 when the event is over.