★ Find juice!

When you water or harvest your neighbor’s fruit, you can find juice!

☆There are 3 kinds of juice☆

Mini Juice

☞ Score any item being offered♪
☞ Time to Completion: 1hr 40mins

Fever Juice

☞ You can score any item offered,
and the fever gauge goes up by a lot♪
☞ Time to Completion: 8hrs 20mins
※ When the gauge reaches MAX, Fever Time starts.
It’ll be easier to find “Moonlight Juice”!

Moonlight Juice

☞ You will only receive rare and super rare items♪
☞ Time to Completion: 11hrs 40mins

★ Deliver juice to Kiki & Lala☆

Deliver the juice you find to Kiki & Lala
to help them whip up some refreshing drinks for their moon-gazing mission!☆
Deliver to Kiki & Lala by tapping [Finish Now].
Make sure they have enough juice to make
an array of delicious beverages for the villagers and moon rabbits!

The time it takes Kiki & Lala to prepare juice
depends on what kind you deliver!
※ You can have 5 different juice in your Inventory at a time.
※ Only 1 can be prepared at a time. The remaining 4 will remain in the Inventory.

★ TIP: How to deliver juice right away☆

If you don’t want to wait 1hr to deliver the juice to Kiki & Lala,
tap the [Finish Now] button below the drinks to deliver right away for 20 coins.
After delivering the juice, you can wait several hours for Kiki & Lala to be ready, or you can get the juice ready immediately by paying the price on the button.
(The price to complete Mini Juice, Fever Juice, and Moonlight Juice all differ.)

★ How to score SR items with SR 100% Secret Recipe☆

When you purchase Secret Recipe, you can score one of the items below immediately!
Special Recipes can only be purchased twice during the event.

※ Can only be purchased when the character does not have any materials.

★ How to score items

After you deliver juice to Kiki & Lala by tapping [Finish Now] under the juice, wait for the clock to run out or tap [Finish Now] on the button immediately below them to get the juice prepared right away by using coins. Score limited edition Items and stickers right away☆

Help Kiki & Lala whip up refreshing drinks
and receive limited edition items♪

You can check the stickers you get from the event by tapping
[Inventory] → [Collection] → [Sticker]→ [Event star icon on the bottom★]

If you collect all the stickers, you’ll score an 「SP Gacha Ticket」!

You can get special items just by helping gather
juice to help Kiki & Lala
prepare for a night of moon-gazing!

※ Anytime you purchase a “Special Recipe”,
it will also count towards completing the quests below. Quest:Deliver to Kiki & Lala 5x☆
Reward:A Little♪ Tsukimi Dango on My Head
Quest:Deliver to Kiki & Lala 10x☆
Reward:Lovely Moonlit Night♪ Handheld Lantern
Quest:Deliver to Kiki & Lala 45x☆
Reward:Moon Bunny Bow Twin Buns

【Quest Deadline】
23:59 (JST) 9/12

For details, check[Quest] → [Event]☆
Or check the event quest screen!

☆☆ Mystery Syrup speeds up time to completion☆☆

While out watering, you might find Mystery Syrup♪
They really help Kiki & Lala prepare their juice well!
Collect Mystery Syrup to help speed them up☆

☆ Item List ☆

★ Fashion Items ★

★ Interior Items ★

★ Plushies From Flower ★

※The event screen can be accessed until 23:59 (JST) 9/12

※We will take back all unused Mini Juice, Fever Juice, Moonlight Juice, Mystery Syrup and Secret Recipes when the event is over.