The Spring Travels Dice Game is now underway♡
  Get lots of cute items, just for collecting Blossoms♪


■ Table of Contents ■

  1. Collect Dice Cards♪
  2. Roll the die!
  3. Spring Travels Dice Game board layout
  4. Collect Blossoms for cute items♡
  5. Need help? Buy the Dice Card Pack!

★ Collect Dice Cards♪ ★


There are many different ways to earn Dice Cards!☆

☆ How to Collect Dice Cards ☆

★ Roll the die! ★

The die is numbered from 1 to 6.
Give the die 1 roll in exchange for 5 Dice Cards☆
Your avatar will move the same number of spaces indicated by the die.
If you don’t have enough cards to roll the die,
you can still give it a roll with 30 coins☆

★ Spring Travels Dice Game board layout ★

GO square

Every time you pass ‘GO’,
you’ll get a special bonus item☆

Blossom square

If you stop on a Blossom or pass one,
you’ll get anywhere from 1~2 Blossoms♪

Strawberry Coins square

You get free Strawberry coins when you stop here☆

Cinnamoroll Oopsie! square

If you land here, Cinnamoroll might make a little boo-boo…

Pompompurin Oopsie! square

If you land here, Pompompurin might make a little boo-boo…

Rare or Higher Probability UP square

If you stop here, every Happy Bag and
Sweet Collection will go into Rare or higher
Probability UP mode for 5 mins

Blossom Bouquet square

When you land here, your Blossoms
might multiply by magic♪

Smile Lotto☆ square

Take a spin on the Smile Lotto machine!
Wonder what you’ll get…?♡

★ Collect Blossoms for cute items ★

Depending how many Blossoms you collect,
you can earn some cute limited-edition items♪
Also, every time you finish a lap, you can score more awesome items!

★ Need help? Buy the Dice Card Pack ★

The Dice Card Pack will be available for purchase up to 5x during the event♪
Each package contains 35 Dice Cards!
Spin the die as much as possible to collect all limited edition items☆
Make sure to use all your Dice Cards before the event is over,
because they will disappear!

※ Users may access the event page until 23:59 (JST) 5/8.
※ Once the event is over, all 「Dice Cards」 and 「Blossoms」 will disappear.