Invite lots of IRL besties!
  Enjoy Hello Sweet Days with all the people you love♪

■ Table of Contents ■

  1. Invite your friends
  2. How to invite more friends
  3. Get limited-edition items!
  4. Cooperate to finish app-wide group quests

★Invite your friends★


Enjoy life in Smile Town even more by
inviting your favorite people to Hello Sweet Days!


Step 1 – Tap “Invite” and make a nickname for your friend’s avatar

※If your friend accepts the invite, they can change
their nickname after setting up their account.
※ Please refrain from using a nickname that would be
offensinve to your friend(s) or cause distress to others.


Step 2 – Style Your Friend!

You can use free items to make sure their outfit matches their personal style☆

Check image below on using Happy Bag items!

※ The Happy Bag items you use to style your friend will be sent
to them as a login bonus, aka Welcome Gift!
※ If all available Happy Bag items are not used, your friend will
get equivalent replacement items.
※ Sweet Collection and Heart Shop items are not available for use.


Step 3 – Send the invite!

Choose which neighborhood your friend will live in
(which character will come out to meet them).
Then send the invite on social media♪

Once your friend verifies their invite code and starts
Hello Sweet Days, the invite is complete♪

※ After starting Hello Sweet Days, your friend can change neighborhoods.
※ Invited friends automatically become besties.
※ Friends cannot block each other during this Event.
※ If you have reached the max. amount of followers, you will not be able to send invites.
※ In order to save the postcard, you must allow Hello Sweet Days to access your device.

★How to invite more friends★

There is a limit of 3 invites per person!

If your first three friends accept their invite, you can invite three more!

What if my friend doesn’t verify their code?

Try sending the invite again!
Just press on the friend you’d like to resend the invite to♪
Or you can delete the invite and send a new one to someone else♪

※ When you delete the message, the avatar you’ve created will also be deleted.

★Get limited-edition items!★

When your friend accepts the invite and logs in, they can get the items below. If they log in for 7 days straight, they can keep the items you’e styled. Plus, both of you will score a Bestie Charm!

★Cooperate to finish app-wide group quests★

If the entire Smile community invites a total of 1,000 friends, everyone will get a limited edtion item as a gift! You can check the total number of invites sent under “Total invites accepted” on the event homepage!

※ If the community qualifies for the bonus gift, said gift will be distributed after the event is over.
※ Once a friend has used the Invite Code to create a new account, the request will be counted as complete.
※ Only Happy Bag items opened before 11/12 are available, and some bags may be excluded.
※ Items such as Sweet Collection, Heart Shop, and Buyer Shop are not available.

※ The event ends at 23:59 (JST) 11/30.
※ The invites do not have an expiration date, however, any Invite Code that is used after 1/14 will unfortunately not qualify the user for the Welcome Gift or special event items.