Have free time on your hands and want to make besties…?

Go on a walk!

About Walks

【Step 1】 Get ready to walk!

Tab [Go out] → [Walk]
You can randomly visit a neighbor’s room!

When you get to your neighbor’s room, 『Water』 their plant♪
When you water your neighbor’s plant, it grows! You can also collect coins and smiles!☆

Once your neighbor’s flower has fruit, you can harvest 『Normal Fruit』 or 『Rare Fruit』!
If you visit your neighbors often to water and collect their fruit, you’ll have a tons of besties in no time!

>About Watering

【Step 2】 Give water to neighbors who’ve already visited!

In addition to visiting neighbors randomly while out for a walk, you can tap on the ‘Water’ button to see which one of your neighbors has already stopped by your house. Visit them and give water in return!♡

【Step 3】 Participate in parties!

When you water your neighbor’s plants, you can earn fruit to host or participate in a party!
Use 『Normal Fruit』 to attend a party♪

Tap on [Go out] → [Invite] to see parties you can attend!
To participate in a party, you need 6 『Normal Fruit』 in order to make a treat. If you go to your friends party, you’ll receive a thank you gift once it’s over!

>About Parties

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