★How to find a rewarding job with Smile Works★

Smile Works is a new feature for the residents of Smile Town
where you can ask someone to do a job for you or get one yourself!

You can make requests for other residents do all sorts of things.
For example, you can have them organize your items or even plan interior layout…

You will also be able to apply for jobs posted by others,
such as organizing their items ☆

Anyone who excels can be recognized as ‘Best Stylist’,
and will receive coins from the person who created the job posting♪
You’re encouraged to experience a wide range of tasks!☆

★How to apply for a job!★

Tap “Apply” on the TOP of the Smile Works page ♪

People who want to request work
will list their requests under ‘fashion / interior style’.
If you find an opening you are interested in
Go ahead! Check the content and apply ♪

   Post your application, then begin arranging!☆

Once you start, select the “key items” chosen by the person who requested the job.
Be sure to include key items in your design finding items with the key icon♪
You can check what you’ve done with the “Job Description” icon,
Before completing your design☆

When you’re done with your design, add a “comment”,
then press the “OK” button☆

Check the content on the confirmation screen, and if there is no problem, the application is complete♪ Maybe you’ll be chosen as the best stylist …! ??

★How to request a job!★

Tap “Request” from the Smile Works TOP page ♪

Enter the job you want to request on the job description screen☆
If you want someone to arrange your interior or fashion items,
Select betweeen one and three “key items” for them to base their design around♪

You can search by category on the key item selection screen.
You can also narrow down your search by color or motif♪

After choosing everything, check the contents.
If there is no problem, tap “Request” ☆

This completes the request ♪

★How to check your current status!★

Tap “My Page” from the Smile Works TOP page♪
You can check jobs you’ve posted and
the details of jobs you’ve applied for♪

【Application / Request】

You can choose the ‘best stylist’ jobs you’ve requested,
and you can also check the results of work you applied for here♪
You can check to see which design was chosen
here, so please refer to it in the future ♪

【Your Title】
★What is a title?★
After you request / apply for work a certain number of times,
Your title will level up!
You can also display the title you received on your profile ☆

★How to choose the best stylist★

Tap “Request” on My Page
From the requested job list,
Tap the job that says “Choose the best stylist”♪

At the bottom of the description for your work request,
Tap the suggested outfit you like best,
and choose the best stylist!
Once you have decided on the best stylist, give them a comment
and tap the “Confirm” button to determine the best stylist☆
Anyone selected as the ‘best stylist’ will be sent their reward simultaneously♪

Furthermore, the composition from the best stylist will now be saved as you own♪
After choosing the best stylist,
Check to see whether the best stylist’s arrangement is displayed in Possessions> Interior or Fashion♪

★How to display your titles★

Your titles from “Smile Works” can be
displayed on your profile
by going to the Menu> Profile screen♪

Tap “Set title” and decide the title you want to set
Once you hit “Set as profile”, it’s complete ♪

You are able to change the title above your profile nickname☆
You can change it whenever you want-
Why not change it according to your mood?♪


Once you finish up a job at Smile Works,
Did you know you might even get a legendary title…!??

While working at Smile Works,
You can make Smile Town an even more fulfilling place